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GOGSTATS collects game stats from GOG.com for developers and game players. GOG's API is much simpler than steam's so you will not find here any sales figures or current players. The only data this site collects is bestsellers and popularity rank of games sold on GOG.com.

GOGSTATS is dedicated to game players, journalists and indie developers. Using historical data, comparing positions and trends of other games, you are able, on your own, to estimate the number of copies sold of any game. You can share data from GOGSTATS, even attach screenshots of charts, just be sure to include web site address at notes.
I hope you will enjoy using this tool...

How to use GAMESTATS?

Just start typing title of your favourite game in the input on the top of this site. It should autocomplete the title after entering minimum 3 characters. GOGSTATS has data about all games sold on GOG.com, so double check for typos if you can not find your game.
You can compare data from GOGSTATS with those from steamspy, in general GOG has about 15% share of steam, bare in mind however that some games were sold on GOG in higher numbers than on steam - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for example.
Data are collected daily, on Midnight (CEST, UTC+2 hours).
Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, sometimes popularity and bestsellers ranks data are frozen for few days, in such a case please come back later.

Oh, and in case if you didn't know...

What is GOG.com?

GOG.com (Good Old Games) is a digital distribution platform for video games created by CD Projekt (yes, those guys who made Witcher 3). GOG's custom made platform works on Windows, Linux and OSX. What makes GOG unique is that all games from that store are DRM-free.
Despite its name (Good Old Games) GOG offers older games as well as new releases. If you don't have an account on GOG yet, go ahead and give it a try. Remember - support good developers!