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Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales is a single player RPG game set in the beloved world of The Witcher series. But it doesn't tell another story of Geralt, instead you will become Meve, the queen of Rivia and Lyria, and face Nilfgaardian invasion.
Thronebreaker is an RPG game with strong focus on story line and decision making where battles are played as Gwent rounds. In fact, Thronebreaker is the first Singleplayer Campaign of other studio's game: GWENT: The Witcher Card Game.
The game was released on PC on October 23, 2018, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are set on December 4, 2018.
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Since it's release the game constantly moves up the ranking of bestsellers. It's a matter of days is to be on the first page of top 50 bestsellers on Does the game have a chance to reach TOP10? Let's check it's popularity:


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Well, Thronebreaker is the Top Popular game on since October 10, looks like the game is on it's way to join the company of The Witcher an become a bestseller. Will it maintain this rank until the end of the year? Fingers crossed!


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Thronebreaker is the first add-on to the planned series of The Witcher Tales - full-fledged single player campaign fo the popular Gwent, a card game, which initially appeared as a side game in Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, and then turned into a full-fledged title. In the course of a year's work, the game turned out to be a low price add-on to the fully-fledged RPG title, the creators of which promise 70 hours of fun.

The action of the single player campaign takes place before the events known from the Witcher game series and tells a story of the two kingdoms: Lyria and Rivia. In the face of the threat Queen Meve must again grab the sword and face an uneven fight with the enemy. The plot of the game tells a story loosely connected with the story known from the best-selling series about the Witcher. However, fans of the game and books will find in it many references to famous events.

The game is compared by many with the famous hit Heroes of Might and Magic, but the main difference is the combat system, which has been implemented in the form of rounds of Gwent. The other difference is also the system of decisions, which have a huge impact not only on the current quest, but on the whole world in the game.