Surviving the freezing cold

Frostpunk is a city creator survival game set in an alternate 1886, right after eruption of a volcano. The game offers multiple scenarios (3 released originally + 1 DLC). The main scenario tells a story of explorers searching for coal reserves in the North. The group of survivers discovers a massive heat generator built by locals. In other scenarios player has to build a self-operational city or take over power generator.
Frostpunk offers hard moral dilemmas known from other developer's hit: This war of mine.
Now lets take look at charts:


Bestsellers rank:


Since it's release the game constantly moves up the ranking of bestsellers. According to official data, within three days of release, it had sold over 250,000 copies (in all channels).
Bestselling chart indicates that the game still sells well.


Popularity rank:


The popularity chart shows large fluctuations. During the sale, the game moves quickly upwards to return to its original place after the sale.


More about: Frostpunk

Frostpunk is another title from the creator of the award winning hit 'This War of Mine'. The game was released on April 24, 2018 on the PC on Windows platform, the developer is working on versions for consoles.

In the basic scenario, the player starts with a handful of raw materials and several characters and his task is to quickly make steam power generator running. The task is not easy, at every step of the way survivors have to deal with illnesses, hunger and permanent equipment failures. The player is constantly forced to make difficult decisions, the only goal is to survive at all costs. One example of morally difficult decisions is whether to send children to hard work in the factory?

The game received very good reviews from critics and players, it is praised for graphics and interesting scenarios. The main accusation, however, is the time of playing, the basic scenario can be completed in 8 hours.

The developer constantly supports the sale of the game by releasing free DLC add-ons. Apart from three originally released add ons, on September 19th an update of the game was released, including a scenario "The Fall of Winterhome", in which the player has a chance to learn about the history of the abandoned city of Winterhome.

There are also - in development - versions for the current generation of consoles, so you can expect more add ons in the near future.