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Phantom Doctrine is a turn-based spy strategy game created by an independent Polish developer - CreativeForge Games. The history is set in the 80s of the last century and tells a story of an alternative version of the Cold War. The player lands in 1983 and becomes the leader of a secret organization known as The Cabal, whose aim is to fight the global conspiracy of a powerful group striving to take control of the world. The developer promises more than 40 hours of single player campaign fun and the ability to play multi player online game with friends.
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The game is far from being a bestseller, but in November, the developer introduced a significant reduction in price, which caused a sharp increase in the position of the game on the bestseller list. Every day the game defeats even several dozen ranks.


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With the introduction of discounting the game immediately jumped to a high place in the popularity ranking. It is therefore clear that players are still happy to buy the game at the right price.


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The developer claims that the game has been designed to allow it to be completed multiple times in different ways. It is up to the player to carry out a mission with a brutal attack or to choose a quiet sneaking mode. We can choose from quite a large arsenal of weapons, but the key is to prepare the mission, i.e. to carry out a scout. We have a team of well-trained agents to help, whose skills need to be taken care of all the time, we can also recruit more people. In addition to direct activities, we also have at our disposal the expansion of the network of agents, conducting hearings, gaining informants and training new recruits.
As in many similar games, our decisions made in the game are important and have a big influence on the game world, moreover, the main scenario is influenced by the choice made at the beginning of the game, when we decide whether our past has a connection with the KGB or the CIA.
An extraordinary story, a multitude of decisions to take and an additional, hidden scenario encourage the player to go through the game again, this time in a different way.